A prolific 43rd Paléo!

Paléo unveils the poster of the 43rd edition

Today, Paléo Festival Nyon unveils the poster for its 43rd edition. A dynamic visual universe, both modern and slightly punk, which places proliferation and diversity at the heart of the poster.


Laureates Jodie Aeschlimann and Joanne Joho took part in a workshop set up by the HEAD-Geneva (one of the departments of the HES-SO) and led by the Geneva-based agency BaseDesign. Both are regulars at the Festival, and have just finished their second year in visual communication at the HEAD. To create this 2018 visual universe, they sought inspiration in some of the key concepts that define for them the very essence of Paléo: proliferation, discovery, diversity. This project proposes a graphic re-transcription of the Festival in bold colours and a visual aesthetic that is voluntarily outside the box, modern and… a bit punk.

From ambiance to artifice

Directly inspired by the richness of the different aspects of Paléo, this project presents a superposition of forms in contrasting colours. An original poster design, vibrant and non-conformist, the result of a huge amount of work in terms of photographic research. "It was clear that we wanted to show what the Festival represents for us: the proliferation and the diversity. We wanted to integrate all the elements that make up the soul of Paléo in the same poster: the festivalgoers, the concerts, the sunshine, the mud, the food, the plurality of forms and ambiances. We decided to conceive this visual in the spirit of punk, a little in the manner of fly posters you can see on every street". The effects of superposing the torn elements implies that under each layer lies another and then another to be discovered by festivalgoers. Each layer representing one of the various aspects evoked by these two student creators. "We certainly didn’t want to create anything too static or aseptic, but rather give expression to the movement and life of the Festival".

Jodie and Joanne first went through a phase of immersion in the images, the photos and posters of previous editions. Of these, they kept the key graphic elements and wove them into their creation, obtaining a serigraphic effect. They then added lively colours, conferring on this visual universe a unique identity. By superposing these diverse elements of composition, colours and images they stimulate both identification and appropriation by festivalgoers, allowing individuals to focus on an element that has meaning for them. The finish of the final image conserves the grain of the paper and is voluntarily both brut and dynamic and thus bears witness to the process involved in its creation.

Please note

The traditional Xmas ticket offer will be open from Tuesday 5 December to Friday 22 December. This offer concerns only 6 day passes (limited availability). For more info on the December ticket offer

The 43rd edition of Paléo Festival Nyon will take place from 17 to 22 July 2018 and will host a Village du Monde decked out in the colours of Southern Europe. The line-up will be announced on Tuesday 20th March 2018 and tickets will go on sale at midday on Wednesday 28th March.