SOS Méditerranée Suisse

Festival’s charity partner

SOS MEDITERRANEE Suisse is a humanitarian association independent of any political party or of any religious denomination and which is based on respect for the dignity of humanity. Thanks to the Aquarius, a 77-meter-long ship, it rescues people in the Mediterranean Sea who are fleeing the hell in Libya.

Saving lives

In the past four years, at least 15,000 people have died trying to cross the Mediterranean. 88% of them were trying to flee from Libya to Italy, making the central Mediterranean the deadliest migratory route in the world. SOS MEDITERRANEE rescues people in distress who have been forced to set sail on makeshift boats to flee the war or very difficult living conditions.

Protection and assistance

SOS MEDITERRANEE has chartered a ship, the Aquarius, which has been tirelessly traveling to international waters off the coast of Libya since February 2016. During the first 24 months of its activities, the association assisted nearly 27,000 people. Among them, one third of the survivors were minors, more than 80% of whom were unaccompanied. Rescue operations are only undertaken with the cooperation of the Italian rescue coordination centre.

Bearing Witness

SOS MEDITERRANEE also has the mission to testify to the conditions that people in flight have encountered on their way, especially in Libya, but also at sea.

Your assistance

Every day at sea costs 12'000 CHF to finance the hiring of the ship, its crew, the fuel and all the equipment necessary to take care of the survivors. More than 90% is funded by donations from ordinary citizens and SOS MEDITERRANEE has relaunched an appeal for support and mobilization, to find the means to continue its rescue mission in this huge area of human distress. #HumanityAtSea

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