Bauchamp (VJ by GVBVDT)

  • Switzerland
  • Bumpy-groovy electro

In his dream, he sees a club saturated in sweat, with Beyoncé in the middle of the dance floor, the throbbing power of the bass and a buffet serving umutsima, mizuzu and ibishyimbo. Unlikely for some, but not for Bauchamp. With his mic, laptop and MPC, he loves to tweak the electro and create high wire collages, in intuitive do-it-yourself mode. Like a homemade apple pie, his compositions are light and delicious. With his fusion of electro, house and a thousand urban influences, the highly groovy and hypnotic result inevitably leads to some hip-swinging dancing. Accompanied by a VJ, the guy who produces himself for the genial Argent Sale label promises a devastating live show.