Jupiter & Okwess

  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Exuberant afro-beat funk

Two years after the exuberant Hotel Univers, Jupiter are back with Troposphère 13. This EP, on which Damon Albarn and Warren Ellis make guest appearances, gaily breaks the sound barrier that has until now separated Katanga guitars and rock vibes. Spearheading Okwess International, his group since 1994, Jupiter masters both the richness of Congolese rhythms and booster shots of electrifying and often incantatory funk. Inducer of trances and tradi-modern alchemy, evoking the combative instincts of Fela Kuti and the moralist fibre of Jean de La Fontaine, he is still the Rebel General whose lyrics bear all the wisdom of a well-wisher.