• France
  • Architectural hip-hop

You’d think you were in the middle of Harlem. And yet this guy who masters the slang to perfection is a fully blown Frenchie. KillASon: a species not yet registered in the repertory, a hybrid between Snoop Dogg and Daft Punk, who might have had a brush with Prince. With an offbeat flow reminiscent of Andre 3000, the young prodigy treads on the toes of US rap in Paris. He didn’t grow up in the street, but in a timeless, polymorphic universe, fur coat covering a bare chest. Rize, his first album, is the calling card of a complete artist, a beat maker, dancer and draughtsman who unveils an eclectic hip-hop that draws the outlines of a world of possibles. Rize and shine, bro!

In collaboration with DETOURS TALENTS ADAMI 2017.