XTRM Tour feat. Makala, Slimka & Di-Meh

  • Switzerland
  • Rap riot

At each of their concerts, a riot takes place. Makala, Slimka and Di-Meh, three well-known MC's from the Romandie hip-hop scene and beyond, join their talents in a show clearly branded 'rap': the XTRM Tour. And they are extreme all right. True beasts of the stage, the Genevans have signed a pact that obliges them to surpass themselves at each live gig as they recreate an energetic, electric and almost ecstatic atmosphere, where the communion with the public is total. We then vibrate to the words of the prophets Makala, Slimka and Di-Meh, in an unforgettable concert in which hip-hop becomes synonymous with the rage to live.

Selected by De Concert!