Maboul Distorsion in "Parallèles & Bipèdes, un nouveau cirque à tendance cartonneuse"


Renewing with the art of burlesque circus, theatre of gesture and silent cinema, “Parallèles & Bipèdes” takes a rather jaundiced look at contemporary society by means of an unusual use of one particular element: cardboard. Five characters, thrown into a universe of pasteboard, question with humour our relationship with others and to our environment. How can we live together in the absence of all basic necessities? How can we reinvent a world in which nobody possesses anything? In a mixture of object manipulation, juggling, masks, magic and video, Maboul Distorsion come up with a surrealist fable, in which the distortion of our most simple and familiar bearings reveals the absurdity of reality. Somewhere between dreaming and poetry, the company reinvent the traditional concept of the clown and restore all his original power of cynicism, sensitivity and commitment. (Tuesday to Sunday)

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