Seasick Steve

Boogie blues

Like something coming straight out of the collective imagination of the American rural back of beyond, Seasick Steve has a look that sticks like glue to his music: a collage of rock, country, boogie and blues, even though he likes to exclaim: "Fuck the blues!" Born in 1941 in Oakland, the bluesman lives an open-air existence, comprising journeys and encounters. His route has crossed paths with the likes of Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, and also John Lee Hooker, with whom he has played several dates. Seven years after his first solo album, "Dog House Music", Seasick Steve has released "Hubcap Music", whose name is taken from his mania for building his own instruments. So glue your John Deere caps to your heads and come and experience a moment of pure musical nostalgia.

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