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Smooth Vulcano: the HES-SO in fusion mode

Ever heard of Mount Etna? Discover the ethno-volcano of the HES-SO! Refresh yourselves in the magmatic waterfall of moss and climb up to the crater, which will provide you with a panoramic view of Paléo. At each floor, different activities are on offer. And once night has fallen, the volcano will erupt into colour. Magical and magnificent!

In the volcano

Yéti bar: Want to have a drink with the abominable snowman?

Cénodyssée: In the shoes of a speleologist looking for the ideal cavity through which to crawl to see concerts.

Bags to the Future: Recycle your plastic bags and your bad conscience and go away with a nice hat or a pair of slippers. It’s time to act to save the planet!

Gojing: Alcohol abuse is a risk for your health. A sliding game that lets you know your limits, just before you slide under the bar.

Tape à l’œil: Glasses that are far from rosy-tinted let you see the world as it is.

Clash la chèvre: If you don’t like goat’s head soup, don’t get the wrong answer!

So watt: Energy is not free. You’ll have to sweat to produce some.

The structure is accessible to people with a handicap, thanks to a lift.

Elsewhere at Paléo

Jingles: It’s beautiful, it’s design and it’s everywhere on the festival’s screens to announce the line-up

Mielimélo: 4 to 12 years-olds can meet and play while their parents do their groupie thing in front of the festival’s stages.

Frangins-Frangines: Big brothers and sisters, neither moralising nor party poopers, are available to accompany young festivalgoers.

La Plage/Cousins-cousines: A place dedicated to teenagers, where they can do their thing … like slouch around on giant comfy cushions.

The students of the HES-SO’s 23 departments will be taking part in Smooth Vulcano. The HES-SO offers training to 21'000 students in six different domains, from arts to engineering, from social work to music and from health care to economics.

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