HES-SO projects

DEEP – Making the invisible visible!

DEEP is an original and ephemeral creation by the HES-SO University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland.

Between the Village du Monde and the Detour, a fluorescent coral reef emerges in the middle of a forest of sea anemones. Hanging from the corals, hammocks invite festivalgoers to indulge in a moment of idleness, between two concerts. Under the central shell, islanders will invite you to take part in a number of original activities: reveal imperceptible waves, detect the invisible, disturb your senses. This year, nearly 250 students and professors will welcome you and guide you through these interdisciplinary activities, which they have themselves imagined and developed.

The HES-SO also spreads beyond the DEEP space. Paleo's 2018 poster and its energizing punk aesthetic was created by two young women studying Visual Arts. This theme is also taken up and reworked for concert and prevention video clips on giant screens. Three teams of students in social work are there to make sure that younger festival-goers have a wonderful party.

A partner in the Paleo innovation programme since 2005, the HES-SO offers this large open-air laboratory to its students, who each year create an original and spectacular space for festivalgoers.

Come and replay the Big Blue with the HES-SO!

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