Philosophy and values

The Paléo Festival sets out to create a marriage of concert and carnival, to create a kaleidoscopic event that will stimulate public curiosity for new artists and less well-known musical styles. Paléo is both a launching pad for new talents and a platform for established stars. Over the years it has widened its range of musical styles and come to include circus and street performance as well. Seven specially constructed stages play host to acts from all over the world.

Paléo is also an extraordinary global village for the people who go there. For this reason, particular attention is given each year to reception, décor and the choice of food and arts and crafts stalls.

The particular nature of Paléo is also due to the fact that the Festival is organized and run by 5,000 volunteers whose presence on site contributes massively to the event's character. One essential notion that guides the work of the organisers: everything must be done in a spirit of respect for the artists, the spectators and the Festival staff present.
Finally, it is worth noting that Paléo Festival receives no public financial assistance. It has a fundamental aim of staying financially independent whilst remaining accessible to all potential audiences and thus practices a policy of affordable pricing (starting at CHF 60.- per day with the Festival pass). Furthermore, to ensure optimum viewing and listening quality, the Festival has, since 1996, limited daily ticket sales (33,000 spectators per day). In 2004, this limit was raised to 35,000 spectators per day thanks to a significant increase in the size of the site (25% of additional surface area for an increase of only 5% in audience size).

Although Paléo is quite unique in its philosophy and approach, it is close to a number of other international events with which it shares a common spirit. Among these, Roskilde in Denmark, the Printemps de Bourges in France, the Festival des Vieilles Charrues in France, the Quebec Summer Festival in Canada or other Swiss events such as the Gurten Festival Berne and St. Gallen Open Air spring to mind.

Social responsibilities

Aware of its role as a socially responsible organisation, Paléo Festival is active throughout the region in supporting a variety of charitable and socio-cultural activities. Since 2005, it has set out its fundamental values in a charter, which represents a formal engagement by the Festival in respect of the paying public, the volunteer staff, the artists who perform, environmental protection, preventive action and social responsibility. Paléo’s business philosophy, which above all promotes respect for all those involved in organising the Festival, is based on the same principles that underpin sustainable development. It has thus developed responsible management methods, which give the same weight to economic, ecological and social factors.

In its field of activity, Paléo also assumes its role as the largest open-air festival in the country. Whilst sharing its know-how, its network and its knowledge of the entertainment world with the professionals of the milieu, it makes its success and reputation available to promote new musical talent the world over. Finally, and in an effort to disseminate its philosophy as widely as possible, it is engaged in supporting efforts to promote responsibility amongst its partners in their own areas of activity.