Day by day

Timetables and stages will be communicated the latest at the beginning of July.

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Doors opening at 16:30

Stadium Pop
Electro swing
Poetic Songwriting
Synthetic dub, hip-hop & pop
Glitch-hop, electro & dubstep
Techno brass band
Crazy cover versions
Electronic hip-hop
Ethereal electro
Electronic Shogaze
Melting pop
Doors opening at 16:30

Alternative American Rock
Melodic pop rock
Electro-pop mash-up
Audacious indie pop
Rock’n’roll for yobbos
Pop chanson from Quebec
Sensitive French pop-chanson
Elegant stoner
Intergalactic dancehall
Luminous electro
Summer electronic pop
Romantic Neo Kraut
Spectral new wave
Traditional dance and music
Rock / Traditional music
Nomadic folk rock
Doors opening at 16:30

Legendary Englishman
Weightless pop-rock
Folk murmurs
Australian blues-folk
Illuminated French chanson
Atmospheric post-rock
Chanson for two
Francophone chanson
Retro electro Kuduro
Summer folk
Erotic-melancholic rock
Polychromatic techno house
Rebel chanson
Traditional Mongolian and folk-rock
Traditional incantatory music
Doors opening at 16:30

Jailhouse rock
Surgeons of hip-hop
Child of the Blues
Committed reggae
Oriental electro
Infernal blues
Electro-pop among mates
Luminous pop-folk
Psych, soul & surf blues
Ragga reggae
Soul, gospel & African groove
Sylvan deep house
French touch reggae
Folk and traditional music
Traditional music
Doors opening at 16:30

French Chanson
20-year-old electro
Drag-queen pop
Bad boy techno-rap
Spiritual reggae hip-hop
Musical Legends
Literary Electro-rock
Post rock’n’punk
Progressive electronica
Balkan electro hip-hop
Cult noise
Contemporary folk rock
Ballroom punk chanson
Ethnic rock
World folk
Tribal Percussion
Doors opening at 15:30

Folk legend
Vagabond pop folk
Melodic, cosmopolitan rap
Ranting pop
Techno strike trio
Daily fresh rap
Stormy hip hop
Rapper with a voice
Timeless country folk
Organic hip-hop
Post-punk and psychedelic traditional music
Rap & freestyle
Tribal Percussion
Chinese Rock and folklore
Doors opening at 15:30

House hits
Godfather of French pop
Youth humour
Pop folk reinvented
Traditional percussion
Elegant pop
Orchestral folk
Cømic musical show
Rap rock and vice versa
Reggae do Brasil
Hip-hop dance-floor bomb
Indie pop & Afro beat
Hybrid gipsy blues trash
Traditional music and song from Tuva
Traditional music with Western influences

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