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Timetables and stages will be communicated the latest at the beginning of July.

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Doors opening at 16:30
sold out

Stadium Pop
Electro swing
Poetic Songwriting
Synthetic dub, hip-hop & pop
Glitch-hop, electro & dubstep
Techno brass band
Crazy cover versions
Electronic hip-hop
Ethereal electro
Electronic Shoegaze
Melting pop
Doors opening at 16:30
sold out

Alternative American Rock
Melodic pop rock
Electro-pop mash-up
Audacious indie pop
Rock’n’roll for yobbos
Pop chanson from Quebec
Sensitive French pop-chanson
Elegant stoner
Intergalactic dancehall
Luminous electro
Summer electronic pop
Romantic Neo Kraut
Spectral new wave
Traditional dance and music
Rock / Traditional music
Nomadic folk rock
Doors opening at 16:30
sold out

Legendary Englishman
Weightless pop-rock
Folk murmurs
Australian blues-folk
Illuminated French chanson
Atmospheric post-rock
Chanson for two
Francophone chanson
Retro electro Kuduro
Summer folk
Erotic-melancholic rock
Polychromatic techno house
Rebel chanson
Traditional Mongolian and folk-rock
Traditional incantatory music
Traditional dance and music
Doors opening at 16:30
sold out

Jailhouse rock
Surgeons of hip-hop
Child of the Blues
Committed reggae
Oriental electro
Infernal blues
Electro-pop among mates
Luminous pop-folk
Psych, soul & surf blues
Ragga reggae
Soul, gospel & African groove
Sylvan deep house
French touch reggae
Folk and traditional music
Traditional music
Doors opening at 16:30
sold out

French Chanson
20-year-old electro
Drag-queen pop
Bad boy techno-rap
Spiritual reggae hip-hop
Musical Legends
Literary Electro-rock
Post rock’n’punk
Progressive electronica
Balkan electro hip-hop
Cult noise
Contemporary folk rock
Ballroom punk chanson
Ethnic rock
World folk
Tribal Percussion
Doors opening at 15:30
sold out

Folk legend
Vagabond pop folk
Melodic, cosmopolitan rap
Ranting pop
Techno strike trio
Daily fresh rap
Stormy hip hop
Rapper with a voice
Timeless country folk
Organic hip-hop
Post-punk and psychedelic traditional music
Rap & freestyle
Tribal Percussion
Chinese Rock and folklore
Doors opening at 15:30
sold out

House hits
Godfather of French pop
Youth humour
Pop folk reinvented
Traditional percussion
Elegant pop
Orchestral folk
Cømic musical show
Rap rock and vice versa
Reggae do Brasil
Hip-hop dance-floor bomb
Indie pop & Afro beat
Hybrid gipsy blues trash
Traditional music and song from Tuva
Traditional music with Western influences

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