Day by day

Timetables and stages will be communicated the latest at the beginning of July.

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Doors opening at 16:30
sold out

Stadium rock
Golden folk music
Body-body electro
Phoenix electro
Sandblasted multiform rock
Chromed cold Wave
Scrapyard garage rock
Psychedelic-nomad Electro
New fresh pop
Silver scaled rock
Spirited math pop-rock
Rallying Irish folk
Celtic Folk music from Valais
Doors opening at 16:30
sold out

Heavy metal
Boomerang Folk-rock
Celtic folk-metal
Crazy cover versions
Summertime Deep House
Melodious misty metal
Divinely obscure rock
Immortal punk metal
Desert dust metal
Vigorous electro pop
Mystical electro trip-hop
Gangster organic deep-house
Adventurous chanson
Vibrant bagpipes and flutes
Slovenian/Irish folk punk
Doors opening at 16:30
sold out

Classic chanson
Bristol original trip-hop
Good old jam reggae
Gold medal scratch electro
Botanical Pop
Interstellar pop
Radiant pop
Militant reggae pop
Chanson for the beloved
Folk Blues from the woods
Dashingly dreamy chanson
Hip-hop ina yardie style
Velvety pop
Irish folk’n’accordion
Inspired Gwerzioù
Positive Breizh folk rock
Doors opening at 16:30
sold out

Armoured pop rock
Polychrome pop
Moustachioed electro-funk
Mischievous chanson
Goldsmith electro
Languorous rock
Pastel camouflaged chanson
Magisterial hip hop
Star-studded Pop
Wave-like rockuduro
Rapper and storyteller
Scratched electro-rock
Soaked sailor’s shirt folk-rock
Breizh Beatbox
The authentic embodiment of folk
Doors opening at 15:30
sold out

Stroboscopic electro
French chanson AOC
Seasoned rap
Beach fire chanson
Embodied rap
World Internet electro
Epileptic electro-pop
Activist reggae-pop
Caustic rap
Bison soul rock
Undulating electro chanson
Sleek electro pop
Aerial chanson
Mercenary hip-hop
Woody dubstep
Irish treasure folk
Kaleidoscopic electro
Breizh Beatbox
Doors opening at 15:30
sold out

Conquering chanson
Springtime pop
All terrain trumpet
Dandy chanson
Humour without frontiers
Folk delicacies
Yemeni folk’n'beat
Hypnotic electro Afro-beat
Sparkling electro-pop
Exploratory world’n’bass
Melancholic delight
Illuminati electro
Legendary Breton folk music
Hard-folk punk single malt
Breton staunchness in fanfare

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