Day by day

Timetables and stages will be communicated the latest at the beginning of July.

Doors opening at 16:30
sold out

Schizophrenic rock
Electro clash hip hop
Indie folk music
Oblique pop rock
Mental Techno / Dark techno
Belgium pop
Kangaroo pop house
Pow wow step
Mississippi rock
Nu Disco
Western pop
Experimental stoner
Dark lo-fi folk
Latino rock
Punk funk cumbia
Hallucinogenic exotica
Doors opening at 16:30
sold out

Slam dance
Beach Folk
Oceanic reggae
Boogie blues
Rasta hip hop
Purring pop rock
Accordion Reggae
Prophetic reggae
Pop folk
Cosmopolitan pop folk
Cold Pop
Industrial electro
Post colonial rock'n'roll
French style garage folk
Hallucinogenic exotica
Tropical experimental Electro
Punk funk cumbia
Doors opening at 16:30
sold out

Pop hits
Neo realist chanson
Feverish slam
Vagabond chanson
Hip-Hop Poets
Surrealist chanson
Organic tribal Electro
Free rap
Folk trash
Rap poetry
Hard tech drum'n'bass
Psychedelic old school cumbia
Tribal tech house
Joropo music
Doors opening at 16:30
sold out

Dirty big beat
Geek electro-rock
Thematic French chanson
World chanson
Federative electro rock
Multi-instrumental French chanson
Ravaging electro clash
Techno 2.0
Adventurous pop-Chanson
Rhythmic-comical show
Rugged pop rock
Human Beatbox
Polka punk
Electro bass punk
Psychedelic funk
Afro-Colombian electro
Activist hip-hop
Doors opening at 15:30
sold out

Pop ballads
Sweet chanson
Enamoured pop rock
Militant rap
Disillusioned Rap
Absurd electro
Post bling-bling rap
French pop
Rhythmic-comical show
Forestland indie pop
Deadly Hip-Hop
Hip hop poetry
Committed rap
Synth pop
Constructive electro pop
Cumbia pop
Latin alternative rock
Doors opening at 15:30
sold out

Brit pop rock
Misty pop rock
Baroque pop
Literary rock
Singer songwriter
Tuareg blues
Synthetic pop
Electronic gypsy cabaret
Composite hip hop
Guitar rock
Tropical pop
Ska cumbia
Electronic cumbia
Latin alternative rock

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