The Paléo family

Is it true that all the Festival's staff are volunteers?

Yes, staff are recruited on a voluntary basis, including those with management responsibility. This means that a member of staff donates some of his/her time and skills to contribute to the success of the Festival. They are paid no salary but receive a modest amount in expenses and payment in kind (food end drink tokens, invitations, meals etc.). Only permanent members of the salaried staff and those working over an extended period of time (at least two months) are taken on as paid staff. As the idea for the Festival was originally dreamed up by a team of friends, the notion of voluntary participation was central from the outset given the very limited funds available. This circle of friends has gradually grown in size, but the principle remains the same. The person in charge of each sector choice is responsible for recruiting his/her own staff. In 2015, 5000 volunteers made the Festival a success.

How are they recruited?

The choice of staff members is the responsibility of the person in charge of each sector who often call upon their personal circle of friends and acquaintances. In the majority of sectors, vacancies are rare.

The Festival’s permanent office organises recruitment for those sectors requiring longer-term staff, and which are operational for three weeks before and after the Festival (construction, staff catering and site security) and for those sectors requiring large numbers of volunteers (reception/security and cleaning services).

On the other hand, for work involving the construction and removal of the Festival’s installations from early July to the end of August, and for the security and cleaning sectors during the week of the Festival, a considerable number of new staff need to be recruited.
Recruitment to these sectors is mainly via the internet but also involves former volunteers recommending friends and acquaintances. The Festival office registers all offers and passes them on to those responsible for each sector.