En route to Paléo in all serenity thanks to public transport!

The 44th Paléo Festival Nyon kicks off in one week’s time. By train, car, bicycle, or on foot, have you already thought about the best way of getting to the "plaine de l'Asse"? With support from the CFF, the NStCM, the TCS and CarPostal, all regions of Western Switzerland will be covered by bus or train!

All the schedules and prices

Work out the best itinerary with the help of Swissplanner.ch!

Try out the upgraded Swissplanner.ch widget and compare the different ways you can get to the Festival and back home again! Developed by technology company routeRANK at the EPFL Innovation Park, this software solution calculates the shortest, cheapest and most ecological door-to-door itineraries. The tool is also available on our mobile app. Please note: timetables of the shuttles are for reference only. More info

A little walk or bike ride doesn’t do too much harm

A little walk or bike ride doesn’t do too much harm! The route de Saint-Cergue, linking the Festival to the center of Nyon is illuminated the whole way (on foot: about 30 minutes). Also, bicycles are a great way to get to the Festival, with a dedicated path from Nyon to the Festival and special parking spaces. More info

Less cars means less traffic jams and less risks!

Paléo invites people coming by car to do some car-sharing. Less cars means less traffic jams, but above all less risk and more fun! More info

More information