Birkin Gainsbourg Le Symphonique

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Jane Birkin has often deconstructed and reconstructed Serge's works. Separation or death didn't do anything to change that: Jane interprets her life partner’s and artistic companion's songs better than anyone else, with unparalleled commitment, emotion and sensitivity. With the Symphonique, she pays her most beautiful tribute yet to Gainsbourg's repertoire, with the arrangements of pianist Nobuyuki Nakajima, accompanied by the Ensemble Symphonique Neuchâtel. The Symphonique is a crossover story, the story of two extraordinary lives, but also the story of a voice, Jane the muse, who is never out of step with orchestra, as the musicians spin her delicate vocal timbre into a sumptuous adaptation. 
Ensemble Symphonique Neuchâtel conducted by Alexander Mayer
Artistic director: Philippe Lerichomme
Arrangements and piano: Nobuyuki Nakajima