Cyril Cyril

  • Switzerland
  • Telluric trance pop music

Of all the Cyrils born in Geneva, these two were bound to find each other. Cyril Yeterian is from Mama Rosin, a trio that awakened the Cajun phantom from the bayou badlands. Percussionist Cyril Bondi is a seasoned explorer of the most adventurous projects on the Geneva scene. Perfectly tuned, Cyril and Cyril embroider sounds in their simplest form of expression: rhythm-riff-vocals. Like a liberated Hydra, their sound empire carries within it an oriental and organic musicality of grandiose luxuriance. Hippie vertigo, bluesy groove, psychedelic rock, Cyril Cyril, a kind of iconoclastic Leviathan, create far-reaching tremors that touch the hearts of the damned. 

Selected by De Concert!