The Mauskovic Dance Band

  • Netherlands
  • Electroshock Afro psych cumbia from outer space

The Mauskowhat? The Mauskovic Dance Band! When he isn’t titillating psychedelic rhythms with Altin Gün or Jacco Gardner, Nicola Mauskovic broadens his horizons with his brothers and Pablo, a mysterious Colombian drummer. Afro-beat and psych '70s here, New York New Wave, cumbia and Afro-Cuban rhythms there, all the desires and influences of these crazy-sweet Dutch guys merge effortlessly into an infinite whirlwind of sound. Shaping a universe of disco touches perfumed with the sounds of Central America, their unique style is invigorating, hypnotic and groovy and has the effect of a musical electroshock. Let's Mauskovic dance!

In collaboration with ETEP / Selected by De Concert!