Ready for Belleville?

Deep-house, electro-pop,
hardtek, reggae-dub, techno,
afro-house : all tracks
lead to Belleville.  

Whether the beats are syncopated or dragging, solar or twilight, whether they push to a collective trance or to a contemplative softness, Belleville is the perfect setting for electronic music from all over the world.  

A hypnotizing show that inspires daydreams or vibrating basslines that slam under your skin and make you want to dance; Belleville plunges into an exhilarating sensory journey.  

Thanks to a detailed and immersive décor, the Belleville experience offers all Paléo audiences a new, surprising and captivating living space. 

And the party (almost) never stops! Between each show, the vibrant atmosphere continues with DJ sets at the Versus bar, located in the heart of Belleville.

Check out the full Belleville lineup below!