La Ruche

Circus and street theatre

A space dedicated to Circus and Street Arts, la Ruche is a place full of creativity and delights hidden behind the Alpes quarter, highlighting the creations of unusual, raw and surrealist artists. Wandering troupes also leave from The Ruche to perform all over the festival site. Active, sweet and effervescent, la Ruche’s vocation is to surprise, captivate, fascinate and charm audiences of all ages.

"Burlesco: del poetico al cacofonico"

If someone mentions "burlesque", you probably imagine the black and white ambiances of the silent cinema of the 20s. Or the sensual and nocturnal atmosphere of Baz Luhrmann's films. Or a performance of Molière’s The School For Wives, watched from the gallery of a seventeenth century theatre. The burlesque tradition has transcended ages and genres, and its spectacular and popular nature has influenced literature, theatre and the big screen. But it is perhaps in its street form that it takes on particular significance. Because the burla is above all an attitude, a way to escape the rules and values of social convention. Pastiche, farce, inversions and diversions emphasize the contrast between reality and its representations. With circus, dance, clowning and street theatre, there is no doubt that the artists of La Ruche will take great delight in reminding us of the poetic, subversive and cacophonous ambiances of burlesque.

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