La Ruche

Circus and street theatre

This year, La Ruche will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary!

La Ruche (the Hive), an area dedicated to street theatre and circus arts, is a treasure trove of delights, humming with creativity, hidden behind the Quartier des Alpes. An unexpected clearing in the woods in which are located a series of "Honeycombs" or alveoli, the name given to the various performing spaces, installations and exhibitions that make up the hive. La Ruche is an open space that exposes some original, raw, surrealist artists. It’s also an organic space that breathes, that teases us and that swallows us up, where myriad artists go about their business and where the various strolling players prepare before setting off to entertain the crowds across the Asse site. Active, honey-sweet and effervescent, its vocation is to surprise, enthral, fascinate and charm visitors of every generation.

This year, La Ruche will explore audacity in all its forms under the theme "DARE". Full line-up announced during May.