HES-SO projects


Bringing to each edition their share of innovations, the students of the HES-SO have created (Dis)connected.

At the top of the Plaine de l'Asse, large honeycomb, weaving structures will be built, hosting, for the first time, a stage featuring performances by students of the Music and Performing Arts field.


Addressing themes that we have all experienced recently with Covid, the various animation projects in this scenography aim to create links with and between festivalgoers.

Palette of young talent

At Paléo, the HES-SO is also participating outside of (Dis)Connected. The poster and the graphic identity of the edition were created by Julietta Saccardi, a graduate in Visual Communication. A second team created the concert announcements and the animated films projected on the festival screens.

Three doses of serenity

And that's not all! A team of students in Social Work will accompany younger generations inside the festival, while two others take care of the pre-teens and children, so that their parents can fully enjoy the festival.