The Paléo Festival 2024 is sold out!

There’s still a chance to get tickets.

The Ticket market is open!

Access to the Ticket market

Couldn't get the tickets you wanted? Here are a few hints to help you to find a solution:

  • The Ticket market will be open until Sunday 14 July 2024. Tickets are regularly put back on sale according to the returns. The Ticket market is the official and secure resale platform of the Paléo Festival allowing you to resell an excess ticket or to buy at official prices.
  • 1500 tickets will be on sale every morning of the Festival at 9 a.m., for the same evening: Tuesday morning sale for Tuesday tickets, Wednesday morning sale for Wednesday tickets and so on! Please note: Sale only on www.paleo.ch. No tickets will be on sale at the Festival ticket offices.

Ticket infos

  • Flex voucher (to be exchanged)

    Are you a flex voucher holder?

    The deadline for redeeming your booking code was Tuesday 19 March 2024, however we have extended this deadline. The choice of day is no longer guaranteed. 

    How do I use my flex voucher? 

    • Take your booking code with you. This can be found on your flex voucher, which you can download from your Paléo customer account
    • Access our webshop via the button below. 
    • Choose the day of your choice and add it to your basket. 
    • Before you pay, enter your flex voucher booking code in the "Gift vouchers" section. 
    • Check that the deduction has been made correctly and proceed to payment (even if it is CHF 0.-). 

    Exchange your flex voucher

    What is it? 

    The flex voucher is a voucher with a booking code. Once the programme is published, you can exchange your flex voucher for a ticket for the evening of your choice.  
    A guaranteed ticket for the day you choose! Offer only available at the Christmas offer. The Christmas offer was held from 5 to 21 December 2023. 

  • Festival pass (personal, mandatory wristband)

    What is it? 

    The Festival pass is a personal and non-transferable pass for the whole week of the Festival (mandatory wristband from the 1st day of the Festival). The person who gets the wristband for the Festival pass is the only person to benefit from the pass. 

    How does it work? 

    Easy! Download the Festival pass in the Paléo Tickets app. On the first day of the Festival, the holder of the pass is given a personal and non-transferable wristband, which is used as an entrance ticket every day.

    Those holding the Festival passes will be admitted free of charge:

    • to the open-air swimming pool in Nyon, which is situated at the lakeside on the road out to Geneva
    • to the Roman Museum (Nyon), the Musée du Léman (Nyon) and the Swiss National Museum (Château de Prangins)
  • Children, reduced tariffs and handicapped persons


    Children up to the age of 12 are admitted free of charge. Children from the age of 12 pay the student tariff.

    Reduced tariff

    The teenagers (12 to 17), the students, the apprentices, the senior citizens, the disabled and the unemployed, in Switzerland or abroad, are entitled to the reduced tariff. They must be able to prove their identity/status on entry to the Festival.

    Would you like to change your reduced rate ticket into an adult ticket? You can pay the supplement at the "Accueil" (opposite the main entrance) every day during the Festival from 8.00 to 2.00. Payments can only be made by card.

    Handicapped persons

    A disabled person must be in possession of a ticket. Their helper is admitted free of charge. There’s no need to ask for an invitation, both people enter with the same ticket. In the event of a non-definitive exit from the site, both must obtain a pass-out mark.

  • Paléo Tickets mobile app

    Your tickets and passes will be delivered on the Paléo Tickets mobile app – a system that is both simple and secure. 

    • Please note that the purchasing process is done on paleo.ch or at your usual points of sale. Only the delivery of the tickets (and not the purchase!) is done on the Paléo Tickets app.
    • Your tickets remain transferable! 
    • All instructions will be sent to you by e-mail, as soon as you have purchased your tickets.
    • A tutorial is integrated in the app! You will be guided step by step through the process when you first use it! 
    • This system is already in use at many Swiss and international sports and cultural events. 

    Check it out, it’s straightforward and easy! 

    More info here

  • Ticket check - Don't be fooled!

    Don't be fooled by secondary platforms

    We are currently observing a strong increase in the number of scams involving online ticket purchases on secondary markets (resale platforms, social media, etc.). We recommend that you only buy your tickets on the official platforms (paleo.ch or ticketcorner.ch). The Festival is currently sold out. The only official resale platform is the ticket market. 1,500 tickets will also go on sale every morning of the Festival at 9am on www.paleo.ch, for the evening of the same day. Any purchase made outside these outlets is not considered authorized and secure, and the Festival will unfortunately not be able to intervene in the event of a problem.

    The Fédération romande des consommateurs (FRC, the consumer federation for French-speaking Switzerland) receives complaints daily from people who feel they were cheated when they bought tickets online. Paléo Festival Nyon is a partner of the FRC (Romande Consumer Rights Federation) for its work against ticket touting. Make sure you are on the site of the authorised ticketing office!

    More tips from the FRC


    What does Paléo do to fight against the secondary ticketing market? More info here