A little history

After having succeeded, not without some contingencies, in setting up concerts with stars such as Maxime Le Forestier, Baden Powell or Claude Nougaro, the Paléo Arts & Spectacles association (formerly Folk Club de l'Escalier) launched itself in 1976 into the organisation of the First Folk Festival, in the old town hall of Nyon. At the head of the bill were Malicorne, John Renbourn and Jack Treese and in total, 1800 enthusiastic spectators! But the organizers were not going to stop there. In 1977, the Festival got outdoors and settled in Colovray, a magical site by the lake. Since 1990, Paléo has been located on the emblematic Asse site, north of Nyon.

From the 1800 spectators of its beginnings to the 230,000 or so of its last editions, Paléo has collected many unforgettable moments, starting with concerts. The magnificent Miles Davis in 1990, or Bob Dylan as a surprise guest 5 years later on the new stage at the Dôme. Since then, the greatest names have visited the Festival grounds, such as Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Iron Maiden, Elton John, Rammstein, Sting, Johnny Hallyday and The Cure. And if the weather has sometimes been a troublemaker, it has also offered moments of anthology, such as Neil Young transcended in torrential rain, in 2013 as in 1993! Against all odds, Paléo continues to write its passion story, edition after edition.