From July 24th to 27th 1980

Affiche 1980
  • 2 stages
  • 41 concerts and shows
  • 55,000 spectators
  • 3.00 hectares
  • 400 volunteers
  • Poster designed by Pierre-Alain Bertola

The 5th festival opens up to a variety of different musical genres – blues, salsa, Brazilian and African rhythms - as well as playing overtime with the production of the 'Mediterranean Caravan', which sees Stephen Stills, Richie Havens and Angelo Branduardi united on the same stage. Over 50'000 take part in this edition of the festival which is plagued by torrential rain, the last-minute defection of John Mayall and persistent rumours of the imminent sale of the Colovray site.


Allan Taylor, Andy Irvine, Angelo Branduardi, Arfolk, Barde, Blaguebolle, Catherine Lara, Christy Moore, Donovan, Earl Okin, Edith Butler, Encima Band, Eric Andersen, Fiddler's Dram, Hanery Amman, Imago, Isabel et Angel Parra, Jean-Paul Liardet, Jim Page, Les Etoiles, Lindisfarne, Manzanita, Michel Brachet, Michel Bühler, New Celest, Ocean, Osibisa, Parenthèse, Pazzi's Wanderbühne, Philippe Anciaux, Pituit Korsakof, Planxty, Regards, Richie Havens, Silly Wizard, Stephen Stills, Stockton's Wing, String Chaps, Titi Winterstein, Turlure, Zaneth