- What’s up ?
- Paléoooooooo !

Fred & Laura on a Wednesday night

Who’s playing tonight ?

Seven days, seven nights and seven stages featuring more than 200 artists, both up-and-comers and international stars !

What’re you into ?
Pop or electro ?

Close to you or on the main stage: rap, rock, pop, electro, folk, you name it !

There’s much more to Paléo than just music !


Let’s go to the end
of the world !

Concerts, installations, arts & crafts, food : a fully immersive travel experience with the Festival’s Village du Monde.

Heading to the stars with Véga!

Discover the brilliance of Véga, the Festival's stellar stage.

Ready for Belleville?

Discover the frantic electro scene of the Festival: Belleville.

It’s so original !

At La Ruche, the spotlight is on poetry, circus and street theatre, for young and old alike.

Slamming atmospheres !

Light shows, repurposed materials, animated sets : one space for a thousand moods.

What do you fancy eating ? Bagels ? Bruschetta ? Poutine ?

More than sixty cuisines from all over the world and guaranteed thrills for your taste buds !

Where’s your tent ?!

Party ‘til the early morning at the Festival’s campground. Plus, it’s free !

In short, Paleo is…


Shared vibes all around


Delights great
and small 


A total and intense experience !




Are you coming ?