- What’s up ?
- Paléoooooooo !

Fred & Laura on a Wednesday night

Who’s playing tonight ?

Seven days, seven nights and seven stages featuring more than 200 artists, both up-and-comers and international stars !

What’re you into ?
Pop or electro ?

Close to you or on the main stage: rap, rock, pop, electro, folk, you name it !

There’s much more to Paléo than just music !


Let’s go to the end
of the world !

Concerts, installations, arts & crafts, food : a fully immersive travel experience with the Festival’s Village du Monde.

It’s so original !

At La Ruche, the spotlight is on poetry, circus and street theatre, for young and old alike.

What do you fancy eating ? Bagels ? Bruschetta ? Poutine ?

More than sixty cuisines from all over the world and guaranteed thrills for your taste buds !

Where’s your tent ?!

Party ‘til the early morning at the Festival’s campground. Plus, it’s free !

In short, Paleo is…


Shared vibes all around


Delights great
and small 


A total and intense experience !




Are you coming ?