La Ruche

Circus and street theatre

A space dedicated to Circus and Street Arts, la Ruche is a place full of creativity and delights hidden behind the Alpes quarter, highlighting the creations of unusual, raw and surrealist artists. Wandering troupes also leave from The Ruche to perform all over the festival site. Active, sweet and effervescent, la Ruche’s vocation is to surprise, captivate, fascinate and charm audiences of all ages.

"Beautiful losers"

They are clumsy, lost, inflated, manipulated, daft. Some are big-headed, others hide their addictive shyness or comical awkwardness. This accumulation of flaws and bad luck gives rise to characters who may be cracked, but who still manage to let the light through. From the contrasting personalities of these lost souls emerge, all in finesse, acts of accidental bravery. In this feverish world, so precariously balanced, small lives turn small souls upside down and bring tears of joy and sorrow. Through a wide variety of shows, whether they touch us, make us laugh or confuse us, the artists of La Ruche (Beehive) will overcome all possible challenges to remind us of the delightfully cacophonic and poetic flavour of everyday life.

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