Practical information

  • Infos pratiques - Venir au Festival - EN

    The Festival is situated in Nyon, Switzerland, between Geneva and Lausanne, near the magnificent Léman Lake. It is easily accessible by public transport, even during the wildest hours!

    • Public transport

      All public transport timetables and fares available on this page in July!

      Good to know

      • Most regions in west Switzerland will have a rail or coach service.
      • Nyon's six district buses and the NStCM train even offer free of charge service
      • Special night trains during the night in direction of Lausanne, Geneva, Montreux and Fribourg
      • TL and TPG buses will be covering the cities of Lausanne and Geneva on arrival of the special night trains. 
      • Six TCS-organized coach lines serve the French speaking part of Switzerland.
      • A boat ships back to Yvoire.
    • On foot or two wheels

      If you are near the Festival, biking or walking are probably your best bets.

      On foot

      The Route de St-Cergue, linking the Festival to the center and train station of Nyon, has street lighting the whole way (in blue on the map above). You’ll only need 30 minutes by foot (maybe a bit more on your way back, hum).

      By bike

      Ecological, practical and of unparalleled class, the bike is really one of the best ways of getting to and from the Festival.

      A specially sign-posted and secured cycle route will be available between Nyon/Prangins and the Festival (in dark green on the map above). From other neighbouring locations, we recommend to take the routes indicated in light green on the map.

      Dedicated parking zones are available for bicycles:

      • Near the Festival main entrance
      • in the Parc Chevalin, near the Asse train halt

      By motorbike

      It is also possible to get to the Festival by motorcycle or by scooter.

      Three parking zones have been designated for motorbikes:

      • coming from Geneva: at the Parc Chevalin
      • coming from Lausanne: follow "Festival", through Vich and Coinsins
      • coming from Nyon: on the route de St-Cergue, under the motorway bridge route

      Please Note! Parking two-wheelers outside these designated parking areas may disrupt traffic flow or cause obstructions. Badly parked two-wheelers run the risk of being towed away at their owners' expense, just like cars!

    • Car

      Getting to the Festival

      In order to guarantee the flow of traffic, please follow the special road signs and any instructions issued by traffic wardens..

      • For people coming from Lausanne, it is recommended to get off the motorway at the Gland junction (junction 12). The Nyon junction is too often saturated.
      • For people coming from Geneva it is recommended to get off the motorway at the Nyon junction (junction 11).

      Leaving the Festival

      At the end of the last concert on the Grande Scène, many people leave the festival site at once, sometimes creating a long wait in the car parks. One solution to avoid this: don’t leave the festival immediately and enjoy the concerts that are still on, or take advantage of the (syrup) bars still open.

      Parkings Paléo

      Free parking areas for are provided for you. They are situated close to the Festival site. These car parks may be subject to closure in the event of heavy rain. Replacement parking will be provided in the town of Nyon and in surrounding areas and a special shuttle bus service will operate to and from the Festival site.

      Please note: any vehicle parked outside the designated areas will be removed at the owner's expense. Tents and caravans are not tolerated in the car parks.

      Parking in the town of Nyon

      To those people who prefer parking their cars in the town centre, Paléo recommends the Perdtemps open-air car park (free of charge from 18:30 from Monday to Friday, from 17:00 on Saturday and all day on Sunday) or the railway station car park (parking de la Gare, CHF 1.-/h from 17:00 to 7:00, max CHF 5.-). From there, you can reach Paléo Festival free of charge by the Nyon-St-Cergue train.

      Electric cars

      Twelve parking spaces situated at the chemin de la Vuarpillière 1 will be equipped with charging terminals for electric cars and made available free of charge to festivalgoers. A dedicated sticker will be needed in order to access this facility. This sticker can be ordered from Nyon’s Industrial Services.

      We recommend that you use public transport or carsharing. It is not too late to save the planet!

  • Infos pratiques - Dormir - EN

    Several accommodation choices are available allowing you to spend some memorable rock and roll nights at Paléo. In addition to the traditional free campsite, the Festival is also proposing a camper van area with improved services (tariffs apply for all camper vans), as well as the Camping Pal'Asse (various tariffs depending on the choice of your picturesque temporary home).

    • Campsite (free)

      What would Paléo be without its legendary Camping? For those who would like to take the Festival experience to its ultimate level, the campsite is open from midday on Sunday 18 July until midday on Monday 26 July. Access is limited to Festival ticket and pass holders.

      On presentation of your valid ticket or pass, you will receive a bracelet from the “Contremarques” window (at the “Accueil” area and at the Robinson) giving you access to the Campsite for the whole week. The bracelet for the passes is also valid as an access pass to the Camping. It is advised to set up your tent before to chug down your beer.

      Children and young people under the age of 16 who are not accompanied by an adult are not admitted to the campsite.

      Please note that all camping material must be installed in the campsite only. Tents and caravans are not tolerated outside the campsite (car parks for example).


      • Toilets/showers cold water (8a.m. to 8p.m.)
      • Warm showers (CHF 4.- or CHF 16.- for 5 showers, 8a.m. to 8p.m.)
      • Left-luggage counter (CHF 3.-)
      • Smartphone recharge (CHF 1.-)
      • Non alcoholic drinks available (24h/24) + bar
      • Bakery + grocery store
      • Firewood is distributed free of charge near the three communal fires, from Monday to Saturday, from 10.30 a.m. to midday.
      • Play area for young and old
      • Massage and wellness area (“Espace Evasion”)

      Assistance, security and safety

      • Reception centre 24h/24h
      • First-aid 24h/24h
      • Assistance and someone to talk to are also available at the “Autour de Minuit” stall
      • The emergency phone number of the Festival's central security office is: +41 22 365 11 11


      • The installation of makeshift camping structures measuring more than 3 metres in height
      • Use of couches and other living-room furniture
      • Vehicles
      • Drugs
      • Animals
      • Any kind of pyrotechnic equipment
      • More infos: "Health & Safety"

      Rubbish and environment

      The Festival has adopted a policy based on individual responsibility in the area of environmental protection.

      • Please play your part by sorting glass, PET bottles and cans. The Ecopoint on the campsite can provide you with bags/bin-liners for sorting, and will also be the point where you can bring back your waste.
      • Be green! When leaving the campsite, we kindly ask all campers to leave their space free of all litter in order to help our volunteers for the final clean-up. Thank You!

      La Pl'Asse

      Halfway house between the Festival proper and the campsite, la Pl’Asse is a festive area open to the public every day. In addition to craft and food stalls, it offers a variety of forms of entertainment. It is open everyday from 11 a.m. to 4 a.m. the following morning.

    • Pal'Asse Campsite (charged)


      Honey, I'm taking you to the Pal’Asse!

      A campsite atmosphere, a lot more comfort! Forget the hassle of setting up your tent, Paléo offers an original kind of accomodation. From the little multi-color wooden house for 2 to the giant tent in a very welcoming yurt style for 8, from basic comfort to real mattresses, a thousand options are there for you.

      A very different experience of living situated in a little village at the heart of the campsite, very close to the Festival. is the provider for many european festivals and the idea is simple: book your place, come to the Festival and live Paléo differently!

      Opening hours

      • Open from Sunday 18 July at midday until Monday 26 July at midday
      • 24/24h

      Terms and prices

      • Tariffs depending on the choice of your home. Infos on
      • Access is limited to Festival ticket and pass holders
      • Only available for a whole week stay (Sunday to Monday)
      • Children and young people under the age of 16 who are not accompanied by an adult are not admitted


      • Preinstalled structures
      • Warm showers
      • Real beds, real mattresses
      • Free phone charging facilities
      • Wi-fi zone

      Assistance, security and safety

      • Reception centre
      • First-aid


      • The installation of other camping structures
      • Vehicles
      • Drugs
      • Animals
      • Any kind of pyrotechnic equipment
      • More infos: "Health & Safety"
    • Camper vans (charged)

      Are you the happy owner of a caravan, mobile home or similar vehicle? Then install your car in the specially designed caravan area, with improved services, including a reception area and a waste water disposal zone. Two types of pitches will be on offer: one with a connexion to the electrical network, the other without. You can buy a pitch for the whole week or per day.

      Opening hours

      • Open from midday on Sunday 18 July until midday on Monday 26 July
      • Access from 9:00 to 21:00 (except on Sunday 18 July: midday to 21:00)


      • With electricity: CHF 120.- for the whole week
      • Without electricity: CHF 60.- for the whole week / CHF 30.- per day


      • A pitch measuring 5,5m x 7m
      • As an option: electricity (on average 350W available per vehicle)
      • Area for waste water disposal and drinking water outlet for refills
      • WC nearby
      • Free cold showers
      • Hot showers (CHF 4.- or CHF 16.- for 5 showers)
      • Reception and installation service for camping-cars, help and breakdown service in case of bad weather (mud)


      • Access is limited to Festival ticket and pass holders
      • Bookings available only for full seven days (from Monday to Monday)
      • Access from age of 16 years (unless accompanied by responsible adult)

      Only dormer vehicles will be allowed into this area. Cars, station wagons, commercial vans and any other vehicles not intended for use as accommodation, will not be admitted. Vehicles that are considered to present a risk in terms of safety or hygiene will also be excluded. Cars pulling caravans must leave once they have deposited the caravan. At the checkpoint, situated at the entrance to this area, a pass will be issued to those vehicles qualifying for access to the zone, in order to make it easier to manage this area of the campsite and also to improve your comfort.

  • Infos pratiques - Manger et boire - EN

    Food stalls

    Are you ready to satisfy your taste buds?


    The Festival invites you on a gastronomic trip around the world. About 130 food stalls are located in the different quartiers around the Festival and La Pl’Asse according to the type of cuisine on offer.

    Quartier d'Orient: Middle Eastern and Far Eastern specialities

    Quartier Latin: European and South American specialties

    Quartier des Alpes: local specialties and food from our mountain regions

    Quartier de la Terrasse, des Arches and du Midi: food from around the world

    The "Village du Monde": specialties from West Africa

    La Pl'Asse: a wide choice of the various specialties on offer around the Festival site

    Find the "Bon Appétit" plan and the complete list of bars and food stalls on our mobile app:

    • Find stalls and bars by produce and type of cuisine: fondue, Ethiopian, pizzas, wine, Venezuelan...
    • Sort by category: meat, vegetarian, sweets, restaurant, gluten free...
    • Locate stalls and bars on the interactive map.
    • Discover the stalls specially selected by Paléo and identifiable on the site by their plaques:
      • The Top 20 stalls, selected by our tasters
      • The Fresh & local produce stalls, selected by Paléo’s Environment Commission
      • The New offers, selected by Paléo’s Régie des Stands

    These food stalls selections are visible on the Festival app and on site thanks to signs: 


    Download the app  





    From the Paléo Festival site to La Pl'Asse, a whole range of bars are available to quench every kind of thirst. Looking for a speciality beer? You’ll find a selection over at the Village du Monde. Fancy a refreshing soft drink? The next bar on your route has a whole selection! Want to taste a few grape varieties? Then head for the wine bars! And if you still haven’t found a reason for having a drink, just remember that all these bars are run by cultural or sports associations from the Nyon area. You can find all the bars on our mobile app.


    Have a break in a calm atmosphere!


    A welcome break between two concerts, the Festival's five restaurants offer a haven of peace, with a selection of varied and original dishes on the menu.

    Le Casse-Croute au Vieux Québec: Quebec specialities and festive atmosphere (079 541 31 61)

    Lagunita: exotic Caribbean flavours (079 359 69 60)

    Terre Vaudoise: fondues and aperitif boards (079 613 89 04)

    Le Cyrano: traditional cooking from South-West France (+33 6 84 13 97 43)

    Arte Vitis: Vaudois wines and aperitif boards (079 696 36 05)

    Booking possible, orders until 1a.m.

    All the food stalls and bars on our mobile app in July!

    Find the complete list of bars, food stalls and restaurants in the “Food & Drinks” section on our mobile app.

    app-ios-en.svg   app-android-en.svg

    Too Good To Go and Paléo are collaborating! Unsold food is thus consumed and does not end up tragically wasted. Discover the stalls participating in the operation on the Paléo app and the Too Good To Go app.

  • Infos pratiques - Sur place - EN

    Any specific questions? Please contact the Information stall on the right after the main entrance. Our team has the answers to everything from concert schedules to the meaning of life.

    • Left luggage

      The Information counter (on the right after the main entrance) and the campsite reception provide a fee-paying left luggage service.

      Information counter: CHF 3.- per item and per day.

      Campsite reception: CHF 3.- per item.

    • Young audiences

      Exemption from payment

      Paléo is often a family thing. This is why free admission is offered to children under the age of 12. Children and teenagers between the age of 12 to 18 benefit from the student price. Children under compulsory school leaving age are not admitted to the Festival site after 22:00 in accordance with local laws and police regulations, unless accompanied by a parent or under the supervision of an adult. Moreover, access to the campsite will be refused to young people under the age of 16 who are not accompanied by a parent staying in the campsite.


      Situated in the "Entre Deux Mondes", next to the "Info environnement" stall, the stand Esprit Sage-femme "Bar à Bébés" (Midwife Spirit “Baby Bar”) is available to mothers and their young children (0 to 4 years). For example, they will be able to:

      • Breast-feed or express their milk in a calm and peaceful setting with disposable equipment at hand. All milk are refrigirated until the end of the concerts.
      • Use the nappy-changing table and receive free nappies/diapers (sizes mini to maxi), as well as organic care products.
      • Borrow ESF baby carrier scarves against a deposit or a pushchair.

      In addition, the stall includes a protected area in order to provide an emergency obstetrics service, should the need arise.

      NB. We would remind you that, in spite of the availability of this service, an open-air festival is not a suitable environment for very young children and would strongly recommend parents not to bring them to the event.

      Day nursery "La Luciole" (until 8 years old)

      Located on the banks of the river, away from large crowds, the "La Luciole" daycare centre offers free games and entertainment for children up to 8 years old. Parents can leave their children there for up to three hours, as soon as they are clean. On the program: treasure hunt, juggling, boom, crafts and many other activities. Because it's not just adults who leave with sparkles in their eyes!

      Open every day until 22:00.

      Children’s play area "Mielimélo" (6 to 12 years old)

      Intended for children aged 6 to 12 years old - and those who have managed to keep their childish spirit - this intergenerational play area is situated inside La Ruche. Conceived, created and brought to life by a team of juniors aged 14 to 18 and adults, Mielimélo offers games, workshops and all sorts of shows. A colourful place where relaxation, encounters and open-mindedness are actively encouraged, for adults and children alike!

      Open every day until 22:00.

      La Plage (12 to 18 years old)

      Sand, palm trees and deckchairs, it's hard to believe you're at Paleo! And yet, nestling right next to the HES-SO area is La Plage, a convivial and welcoming space dedicated to teenagers from 12 to 18 years old. Entertainment and games are all on the programme, alongside a bar that features non-alcoholic drinks at low prices. Drink without ruining yourself, that's the winning formula for basking in the sunshine under the coconut trees!

      Open every day until 02:00.

    • Payment and withdrawal

      How to pay

      In addition to cash (Swiss francs), it is possible to pay by card or with TWINT at all festival points of sale (bars, stalls, restaurants, etc.). There’s no stopping progress!

      Cash withdraws and change

      BCV cash dispensers are available outside (near the "Caisse" - cash desk) and on the Festival site (just after the main entrance, on your right, near the Information counter). Euros are not accepted on the Festival site. Change is possible at the box office, in front of the main entrance.

    • Wi-Fi network and recharging mobile phones


      Paléo offers visitors a free Wi-Fi network. You will be able to access the Wi-Fi for up to 30 minutes.

      Recharging your mobile phone

      You can recharge your phone at a special recharging counter for free at the Romande Energie stall, located behind La Terrasse. For campers, a charging point is available at the Campsite reception point (CHF 1.- / charge).

  • Infos pratiques - Santé et sécurité - EN

    Celebrate in complete safety! The Festival is a place where tens of thousands of people gather each day. By respecting a few rules of caution, all members of the public can contribute to the success of each evening. Should you encounter any problems, do not hesitate to contact a member of the security staff, (easily recognisable by their jerkins).

    Emergency phone number of the Festival's central security office: +41 22 365 11 11

    • Infirmary

      An infirmary, covering two main areas of the Festival - the main site (during opening hours) and the campsite (24h/24) - is at your service to deal with any health related problems. The infirmary staff is composed of about a hundred volunteers, all of whom are healthcare professionals. They dispose of appropriate modern healthcare material.

    • Leave them at home


      For health and safety and animal welfare reasons it is prohibited to take dogs or any other animals on to either the Festival site or the campsite.


      Arms (in the sense of the law), as well as any object that could be considered dangerous in the context of the festival are forbidden within the perimeter of the event.


      Swiss legislation strictly prohibits the selling, consuming and possession of narcotics, including cannabis. The cantonal drugs squad maintains a presence on the Festival site and on the campsite and prosecutes offenders.


      For safety reasons and in conformity with OFAC norms, which forbid any use of drones above a gathering of people, drones are strictly forbidden above all parts of the Festival site (campsite and car parks included).

      Pyrotechnic objects

      In order to reduce the risk of accidents and fire, the use of pyrotechnic objects (fireworks, smoke flares…) is forbidden on the Festival site, on the campsite and on the car parksIn

    • Prevention

      The Festival’s prevention policy is based on a global process, which is founded on a strategy of care in the broadest sense. The organisation endeavours to guarantee a visible, attentive and reassuring presence for the public, as well as the capacity to intervene rapidly, effectively and appropriately in the event of any health or safety problem.


      The sale of any alcohol to persons under the age of 16 years is prohibited.

      Hearing protection

      The Festival exerts itself to respect all the norms for the hearing protection of the spectators. The cantonal authorities do check of all the concerts. During some concerts, and depending where you are situated, the sound waves can reach 100 decibels. A prolonged exposure to this power can injure your ear drums. It is suggested to use ear plugs. Ear plugs are available for free at all the Information stands, the Camping reception centre and the Festival's shops.

      Hearing protections for children are sold at the Festival’s merchandising shops as well as at the “Esprit Sage-Femme” stall.

      Crowd movement

      In case of a sudden crowd movement during a concert, try to move away from the people in the audience who are pushing forward. Pressure in the first few rows of the audience can be very strong. Please don't stand there with small children.


      To avoid losing or getting personnal belongins stolen, either near the concert areas or at the camp site, avoid bringing valuable goods to the Festival.

  • Infos pratiques - Accueil handicap - EN

    A variety of amenities and aids are available to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of people with disabilities. 

    Definition of a handicapped person

    The term “handicapped” designates a person with permanently reduced capacities in terms of their mobility and/or their autonomy, thus requiring the assistance of a helper. A person with a temporary physical disability such as a broken arm, a twisted ankle, a surgical dressing etc., even though they may have to use crutches to walk, cannot be considered as “handicapped”. The same applies to pregnant women.

    • Tickets

      A disabled person must be in possession of a ticket. Their helper is admitted free of charge. There’s no need to ask for an invitation, both people enter with the same ticket. In the event of a non-definitive exit from the site, both must obtain a pass-out mark.

    • Arrive at the Festival


      Any disabled person is allowed to park their vehicle in the car park HANDICAP (part of the Parking Jura), near to the main Festival entrance. The car park is on flat ground but not tarmacked. Access is limited to vehicles displaying an official disabled sticker (HANDICAP) or the special permit obtainable upon request before the event from the Festival organisation.

      Access and moving around the site

      Disabled people enter the Festival via the main entrance (right-hand turnstile, marked ABONNEMENT/HANDICAP). For safety reasons, the service entrance via the level crossing on the NStCM railway line is no longer permitted. Two connected tarmac roads run across the site from East to West, as far as Grande Scène.

    • Dedicated viewing areas

      Viewing platforms reserved for disabled festivalgoers are situated opposite the Grande Scène (near the stage production console), in front of the Arches stage, under the Dôme, the Détour and under the Club Tent.

      Fore people who wish to follow concerts while seated or away from the crowd, terraces are also available opposite the Grande Scène and at the Arches stage. Depending on attendance at each concert, we recommend you take a seat a bit in advance. These seats are open to all.

    • Toilets

      Toilets with special disabled access have been installed in three locations:

      • At the side of the road that links the Terrasse and the Balcon (a slightly different location from last year),
      • To the right of the Club Tent,
      • At the Village du Monde.

      All are equipped with a EURO-CLÉ.

      The Campsite has toilets and a shower cabin in the zone off-limits to the public. Please ask at the Campsite info desk.

    • L'Entracte, a place to relax

      Situated near the infirmary, L’Entracte is a space dedicated to disabled visitors and their helpers wishing have a rest, enjoy a meal or a drink away from the agitation of the Festival, find a bit of peace and quiet or receive treatment in calm and tranquil conditions. Specialised equipment and professional care are permanently available so that you can be well looked after and fully enjoy your time at Paléo Festival.