Celebrate in complete safety! The Festival is a place where tens of thousands of people gather each day. By respecting a few rules of caution, all members of the public can contribute to the success of each evening. Should you encounter any problems, do not hesitate to contact a member of the security staff, (easily recognisable by their jerkins).

Emergency phone number of the Festival's central security office: +41 22 365 11 11

  • Infirmary

    Two First Aid Stations, one on the Festival site (during ist opening hours) and one at the campsite (24h/24) are at your service to deal with any health related issues. The infirmary staff is composed of about a hundred volunteers, all of whom are healthcare professionals. They dispose of appropriate modern healthcare material. 

  • Leave them at home


    For health, safety and animal welfare reasons, it is prohibited to bring dogs or any other animals to the Festival site, Quartier Libre, or the campsite.


    Arms (in the sense of the law), as well as any object that could be considered dangerous in the context of the festival are forbidden within the perimeter of the event.


    Swiss legislation strictly prohibits the selling, consuming and possession of narcotics, including cannabis. The cantonal drugs squad maintains a presence on the Festival site and on the campsite and prosecutes offenders.


    For safety reasons and in conformity with OFAC norms, which forbid any use of drones above a gathering of people, drones are strictly forbidden above all parts of the Festival site (campsite and car parks included).

    Pyrotechnic objects

    In order to reduce the risk of accidents and fire, the use of pyrotechnic objects (fireworks, smoke flares…) is forbidden on the Festival site, on the campsite and on the car parks.

  • Prevention

    The Festival’s prevention policy is based on a global process, which is founded on a strategy of care in the broadest sense. The organisation endeavours to guarantee a visible, attentive and reassuring presence for the public, as well as the capacity to intervene rapidly, effectively and appropriately in the event of any health or safety problem.


    The sale of any alcohol to persons under the age of 16 years is prohibited.

    Hearing protection

    The Festival exerts itself to respect all the norms for the hearing protection of the spectators. The cantonal authorities do check of all the concerts. During some concerts, and depending where you are situated, the sound waves can reach 100 decibels. A prolonged exposure to this power can injure your ear drums. It is suggested to use ear plugs. Ear plugs are available for free at all the Information stands, the Camping reception centre and the Festival's shops.

    Hearing protections for children are sold at the Festival’s merchandising shops.

    Crowd movement

    In case of a sudden crowd movement during a concert, try to move away from the people in the audience who are pushing forward. Pressure in the first few rows of the audience can be very strong. Please don't stand there with small children.


    To avoid losing or getting personal belongings stolen, either near the concert areas or at the camp site, avoid bringing valuable goods to the Festival.

  • Ask for Angela

    Respect · Kindness · Tolerance  

    There is no place for any form of discrimination, harassment, aggression or intimidation at Paléo. 

    If for any reason you feel unsafe, ask for "Angela" to any member of the Paléo security staff, the medical staff or any bar staff.  

    Witness or a victim, we've got the support you need.   

    We're here for you,  

    The Paléo Team