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This year, reach for the summit with HES-SO!

Take to the skies with HES-SO and its artistic programme dedicated to up-and-coming artists in an original set design

Every year, HES-SO joins forces with Paléo for an artistic programme. The passionate commitment of around one hundred students helps this ambitious project come to life, featuring a musical programme focusing on up-and-coming artists, a spectacular set design, stands, and fun activities… It’s a great place to meet new people, discover new acts, and party night and day! 

Paradox, a theme that’ll give you a sense of perspective 

“Paradox” is the name of the theme that was suggested to the hundred or so students who will take part in the HES-SO adventure at Paléo. Between myth and reality, this adventurous programme encourages participants to challenge their understanding and certainties through activities that stimulate critical thinking. 

In addition to Paradoxe, Paléo is delighted to be collaborating on various other projects with the HES-SO. These include the pre- and post-concert animation loops created by HEAD alumna Princess De La Cruz.  

HES-SO: retrospective

More to be discovered on the festival field...