«No Cash» payments

Bye bye cash! “No cash” payments will be possible at any of the Festival's points of sale (bars, stands, restaurants, etc.).

What do you have to do? NOTHING! 
The system is as simple as when you pay for something in any shop! 

  • Payment methods available

    What payment methods will be available?  
    All the usual payment methods (except cash):  

    • Maestro 
    • TWINT  
    • V Pay 
    • Postcard 
    • Visa 
    • Mastercard 
    • Apple Pay 
    • Google Pay 


    No credit card? You don't want to or can’t pay by card or app? No problem!   

    “No Cash” exchange banks are available on the grounds (in the festival, near the fountain) to exchange your cash for a prepaid card or bracelet, with the amount of your choice.  

    • Please go to a "No Cash" exchange bank within the festival  
    • Our staff will provide you with a prepaid card or a "No Cash" bracelet, on which you can load the amount you want  
  • Reload a « No Cash » medium online

    You can also load your «No Cash» card or bracelet online: 

    • Once you have your card or bracelet, create a "No Cash" account via the interface below 
    • Enter the number of your "No Cash" card (on the back, bottom right in the rectangle) or your bracelet (on the back of the chip) 
    • Charge with the amount of your choice 

    WeezPay widget


  • Request a «No Cash» refund online
    • Create an account via the interface below 
    • Enter your «No Cash» card number (on the back, bottom right, in the rectangle) or bracelet number (on the back of the chip).   
    • Enter your IBAN and the BIC code of your bank. Please note that if you have loaded your medium online, you will not be asked for your IBAN. You will be refunded directly to the payment method used for the upload.
    • The refund will be made within 5 to 7 days after the end of the festival (10 to 15 days if there is an error in the IBAN and/or the BIC).
    • If you have more than one card, a refund request must be made for each card.

    WeezPay widget

    Applications for reimbursement can be made until 30 September.


For further information, please contact : nocash(at)paleo.ch

A project supported by the BCV.