A variety of amenities and aids are available to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of people with disabilities.*

  • Tickets

    A disabled person must be in possession of a ticket. Their helper is admitted free of charge. There’s no need to ask for an invitation, both people enter with the same ticket. In the event of a non-definitive exit from the site, both must obtain a pass-out mark.

  • Arrive at the Festival


    Any disabled person is allowed to park their vehicle in the car park HANDICAP (part of the Parking Jura), near to the main Festival entrance. The car park is on flat ground but not tarmacked. Access is limited to vehicles displaying an official disabled sticker (HANDICAP) or the special permit obtainable upon request before the event from the Festival organisation.

    Access and moving around the site

    Disabled people enter the Festival via the main entrance (right-hand turnstile, marked ABONNEMENT/HANDICAP). For safety reasons, the service entrance via the level crossing on the NStCM railway line is no longer permitted. Two connected tarmac roads run across the site from East to West, as far as Grande Scène.

    Information and bookings

  • Dedicated viewing areas

    Viewing platforms reserved for disabled festivalgoers are situated opposite the Grande Scène (near the stage production console), in front of the Arches stage, under the Dôme, the Détour and under the Club Tent.

    Fore people who wish to follow concerts while seated or away from the crowd, terraces are also available opposite the Grande Scène and at the Arches stage. Depending on attendance at each concert, we recommend you take a seat a bit in advance. These seats are open to all.

  • Toilets

    Toilets with special disabled access have been installed in three locations:

    • At the side of the road that links the Terrasse and the Balcon (a slightly different location from last year),
    • To the right of the Club Tent,
    • At the Village du Monde.

    All are equipped with a EURO-CLÉ.

    The Campsite has toilets and a shower cabin in the zone off-limits to the public. Please ask at the Campsite info desk.

  • L'Entracte, a place to relax

    Situated near the infirmary, L’Entracte is a space dedicated to disabled visitors and their helpers wishing have a rest, enjoy a meal or a drink away from the agitation of the Festival, find a bit of peace and quiet or receive treatment in calm and tranquil conditions. Specialised equipment and professional care are permanently available so that you can be well looked after and fully enjoy your time at Paléo Festival.

For any request or additional information, you can write to us using our contact form. In order for the message to reach us, please select the "accessibility" division.


*Definition of a handicapped person

The term “handicapped” designates a person with permanently reduced capacities in terms of their mobility and/or their autonomy, thus requiring the assistance of a helper. A person with a temporary physical disability such as a broken arm, a twisted ankle, a surgical dressing etc., even though they may have to use crutches to walk, cannot be considered as “handicapped”. The same applies to pregnant women.