From July 20th to 23rd 1978

Affiche 1978
  • 2 stages
  • 37 concerts and shows
  • 32,000 spectators
  • 3.00 hectares
  • 200 volunteers
  • Poster designed by Pierre-Alain Bertola

The second open air event boasts a second (covered) stage, the Chapiteau, and plays hosts to 38 groups. Audiences totalling 32,000 discover Clannad and applaud Buffy Sainte Marie, The Chieftains and Ralph McTell, in spite of a rather deficient sound system.


André Bialek, Apple Chill Gloggers, Bayou Sauvage, Bert Jansch, Big Joe Band, Buffy Sainte Marie, Buzzi & Schaeffer, Clannad, Claque Galoche, Dougie MacLean & Alan Roberts, Fairport Convention, Five Hand Reel, Gwendal, Joanna Carlin, John Kirkbride, Jorgen Skammeritz, José Barrense-Dias, June Tabor Band, Kapricorn, La Bamboche, La Kinkerne, Le Clou, Machin, Na Fili, Ossian, Patchwork, Pfuri Gorps Kniri, Ralph McTell, Red Clay Ramblers, René Werneer, Richie Havens, Sarclon, Telephone Bill & The Smooth Operators, The Chieftains, Tom Paxton, Tri-Yann, Ward et Fedrizzi