From July 19th to 22nd 1984

Affiche 1984
  • 2 stages
  • 41 concerts and shows
  • 70,000 spectators
  • 3.00 hectares
  • 850 volunteers
  • Poster designed by Trinco

The 1984 Festival finally takes place at Colovray, as the site owner agrees top let his land subject to a hefty rise in rent. 70,000 turn up to see Jacques Higelin, Miriam Makeba, the Stray Cats and another thirty or so groups.


Alan Stivell, Albert King, Albion Band, Amazulu, Andy Narell, Aruma de Bolivia, Azuquita, dBang, Bernard Constantin, Bersoux & Pariselle, Bluegrass 43, Castelhémis, Charlélie Couture, Circus Piccolini, Claude Zaretti, Djurdjura, Francie Conway, Gilberto Gil, Inti Illimani, Jacques Higelin, Kapelye, Kinvara, Kormoran, Lluis Llach, Maladie Honteuz, Metronomes, Michael Hedges, Miriam Makeba, Moncada, Patrick Chambaz, Pierre Akendengué, Pierre Rapsat, Pino Daniele, Robert Jambey, Sarcloret, Scal, Stray Cats, Sweet Mama, Tchouk Tchouk Nougah, Xalam, Zachary Richard