From July 22nd to 25th 1993

Affiche 1993
  • 3 stages
  • 48 concerts and shows
  • 126,831 spectators
  • 4.50 hectares
  • 1,823 volunteers
  • Poster designed by Jean-Marie Gerber

Whilst the long-awaited Neil Young thrills the crowd under driving rain, Nigel Kennedy throws his classical education to the wind and rocks his fiddle. Vanessa Paradis stands the public up, but they get the chance to discover Galliano and acid jazz. 126,000 people flock to Nyon for the festival.


Albert Collins, Amina, Angklung, Bob Brozman, Charlélie Couture, Cie British Events Theatre, Crank, Dan Bigras, Eduardo Bennato, Eric Qube, Etienne Daho, Fabulous Troubadors, Flying Dutchmen, Galliano, Iggy Pop, Jean-Jacques Milteau, Jean-Louis Aubert, Jimmy Cliff, John Hammond, John Mayall, Les Costards, Les Vernisseurs, Manu Dibango, Marla Glen, Marva Wright, Michel Jonasz, Michel Rivard, Neil Young, Nigel Kennedy, Noir Désir, Olodum, Orphéon & Celesta, Out of Control, Pascal Rinaldi, Pow Wow, Ronny Jordan, Sampling, Sens Unik, Serge Reggiani, Shoulders, Sons of the Desert, Tab Two, Terem Quartet, The Christians, The Levellers, Thierry Romanens, Trio Esperança, Willy Deville