Fabulations et billevesées

Fabulations et billevesées
Day Place Time
Tuesday 23 July
La Ruche 19:45
Wednesday 24 July
La Ruche 17:55
Thursday 25 July
La Ruche 19:35
Friday 26 July
La Ruche 17:30
Saturday 27 July
La Ruche 19:25
Sunday 28 July
La Ruche 17:10
Compagnie Picto Facto

Flamboyant floor lamps 

Oh my! These are some strange plants! Colourful inflatable beacons have grown in the middle of the field from one night to the next. With fabulations et billevesées, Picto Facto invites the audience to sit back, chat, share a quiet moment, and even talk some nonsense on the edge of these fantastic installations. Illuminated when the sun goes down, the sparkling beacons will shine bright at Paléo this summer!