La cérémoniale

La cérémoniale
Day Place Time
Tuesday 23 July
La Ruche 18:35
Wednesday 24 July
La Ruche 20:20
Thursday 25 July
La Ruche 20:15
Friday 26 July
La Ruche 18:10
Saturday 27 July
La Ruche 20:20
Sunday 28 July
La Ruche 19:10
Compagnie du Coin

Euphoric celebration 

An insatiable desire to share moments of sincere joy is undoubtedly what binds the musicians of Compagnie du Coin. With LA CÉRÉMONIALE, this fine team brings us a warm, absurd, and poetic show that will take the audience on a journey to the four corners of the world. The lively orchestra asks: how does celebration translate into music? Embark on a human adventure to celebrate imagination! 

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