Day Place Time
Tuesday 23 July
Scène du Pont 19:00
Wednesday 24 July
Scène du Pont 19:15
Thursday 25 July
Scène du Pont 19:20
Friday 26 July
On the Festival site 21:00
Saturday 27 July
Scène du Pont 17:10
Sunday 28 July
Scène du Pont 22:30
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Eight-part harmony 

The eight singers and two musicians from Liron met at the Mostar Rock School, one of the caritative partner of this edition. They are standing out by writing their own arrangements for popular or traditional songs from the Balkans. Their name, which means “our song”, illustrates the friendship they have forged with each other as well as with the audience. A complete repertoire, a cappella or

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