Sucré Salé

Sucré Salé
Day Place Time
Tuesday 23 July
La Ruche 22:15
Wednesday 24 July
La Ruche 16:55
Thursday 25 July
La Ruche 18:35
Friday 26 July
La Ruche 20:15
Saturday 27 July
La Ruche 22:20
Sunday 28 July
La Ruche 17:40
Compagnie Les Passes Tressées

Thérap'Cirque de Couple

For just over twenty years, Les Passes Tressées have been touring festivals with their shows. With its emphasis on the idea that opposites attract, Sucré Salé gives audiences a glimpse into the intimacy of a couple who know each other too well. Rancour and jealousy are cast aside to let the two artists take centre stage. A circus show full of acrobatics… and kindness. 

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