Day Place Time
Tuesday 23 July
La Ruche 20:25
Wednesday 24 July
La Ruche 22:20
Thursday 25 July
La Ruche 16:50
Friday 26 July
La Ruche 23:00
Saturday 27 July
La Ruche 16:50
Sunday 28 July
La Ruche 16:10
Sons de toile

Percussive dance 

In Zou! a very special kind of music emanates from the stage. The musician/dancers use their bodies as instruments and create in total improvisation, inspired by the sounds around them and the reactions of the amazed audience. The duo create a powerful and unforgettable live experience using their voices, the sounds of their feet, hands, mouths, gestures, and signs… It’s an effective way of experiencing music to the full and sharing it together! 

Zou! videos