Head for the Village du Monde

  In 2022 we’re off to West Africa!

Discover the cultures
and richness of a region
of the world in a spirit
of respect and openness.

A true festival at the heart of the Festival, the Village du Monde aims to highlight different regions of the world. In its dedicated stage – Le Dôme – music reigns supreme. Each year, the scenery, music, craft and food stalls of the Village du Monde are redesigned for a more immersive experience.

From the stunning beaches of Senegal to the legendary savannah of Niger, from the impenetrable rainforests of Ghana to the arid sand dunes of Mali, West Africa is as vast as it is full of wonders. Home to ancestral empires, the countries of West Africa share a heritage of customs and traditions that bind past generations to the present and into the future. A cultural and creative power that has inspired people throughout the ages and the world.

On the music side, the Dôme stage will host facets of the incredible musical diversity of contemporary West Africa. From Togolese metal to Senegalese electro, from high-life-inspired hip-hop to voodoo funk, from Saharan blues to multi-faceted traditional sounds, the Village du Monde will be guided by a desire to honour the incredible musical wealth of this region of the world. 

Scenery, music and… culinary discoveries

Scenery and music will be in the limelight, of course, but the getaway will also involve food discoveries. Culinary specialities will compete with each other to satisfy your appetites. Get your taste buds ready!

Village du Monde

Pictures of the 16 editions!