Head for the Village du Monde

  In 2024, it's off to the Balkans!

Discover the cultures
and richness of a region
of the world in a spirit
of respect and openness.

A festival within the Festival, the Village du Monde showcases a particular region of the world. On its dedicated stage, Le Dôme, music plays a central role. Every year, the decor, music, craft, and food stalls in the Village du Monde are redesigned to create an immersive experience based on respect, openness, and of course partying! 

Next stop: the Balkans, the multicultural region of South Eastern Europe! 

The Balkan Peninsula is a vast territory with a variety of breathtaking landscapes. Crossed by the Danube and bordered by three seas, it includes the bustling Istanbul and a multitude of verdant valleys and is bordered by the mighty Alps and Carpathian mountains. The welcoming inhabitants soak up the gentle metropolitan lifestyle amidst grandiose azure coastlines, sparkling lakes, and ragged mountain peaks. 

A melting pot of cultures at the crossroads of East and West and of the Slavic and Mediterranean worlds, this region of over 50 million souls offers an incredible mosaic of influences and heritage. Picturesque, ancient villages rub shoulders with modern monuments that are steeped in history, underlining a cultural mix that is exceptional in Europe. 

The Dôme stage will showcase some twenty bands of wildly diverse musical styles, with a focus on the contemporary artistic scene that is the heartbeat of Balkan nights. The programme will feature a multiplicity of artistic influences and a rich palette of sounds, including traditional music, of course, but also and above all its most original electronic reinterpretations, as well as the region’s up-and-coming rock, folk, and pop sensations. 

This year’s scenography will focus on the symbolism of the bridge. An architectural work representative of the Balkan landscape, it is an essential place for socialising, a historical landmark, and a powerful symbol of the links between communities. 

And how could we forget the food—an essential pillar of local culture! A series of stands will showcase the region’s incredible culinary diversity and will cater to all tastes, like an invitation to travel, amble, and marvel right at the heart of the Festival! 

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