Village du Monde


This summer, the Village du Monde will be showcasing Quebec's exceptional cultural and musical diversity!

Wild expanses as far as the eye can see, covered with forests in shimmering colours and dotted with glistening, iridescent lakes; this is Quebec. White pines, yellow birches, red maples, nothing paints the portrait of the Belle Province better than the autumn colours of its northern forests. And when the polar night extends its grip, Quebecers can count on the friendly atmosphere of a sugar shack, the sweetness of maple syrup or a robust poutine to perk themselves up.

Around the brazier with your chum or your blonde, all that’s missing are a few folk music airs to warm the cockles of your heart. Violin, diatonic accordion, wash board or Jew’s harp resound in the night air and invite you to join in the celebration of this universal and timeless activity: stamping your feet! Let go, comrades!

The Quebecers are coming to our region and it's going to be a bit like meeting distant cousins, whom we love to tease about their sing-song accent, but whom we love to adore above all. Let the dancing begin, arm in arm, come hell or high water, even in the face of unexpected snow storms raging across the taiga. The party promises to be beautiful!

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Village du Monde: 2003-2018

Pictures of the 16 editions!