The 2024 poster has been unveiled!

Paléo Festival Nyon has revealed the visuals for its next Festival. The playful, colourful and dynamic universe focuses on life at the Festival. The ticket office will open on Tuesday 5 December for the traditional Christmas sale of passes, 6-ticket packs to share and Flex vouchers. 

Mesmerising kaleidoscopes and endless rotations and repetitions of brightly coloured images set the tone for the 2024 Paléo Festival Nyon. Princess de La Cruz and Tae-Yun Aum, two 28-year-old BA graduates in Visual Communication from HEAD – Genève, Geneva University of Art and Design, won a workshop run by Geneva-based agency BaseDesign, and now get to present the fruit of their labours: a visual universe with a strong aesthetic, which conveys the energy, humour, diversity and liveliness of the Festival. 



“For me, the Paleo spirit is all about “peace and love”, about joy, the energy that emanates from the crowd, and being together. It brings to mind 60s and 70s aesthetics with their kaleidoscopes, rotations and repetitions of elements. Our design uses these same aesthetics, revamped with brighter, poppier colours and contemporary photos”, says Aum. “The idea of representing the Festival’s universe in the form of kaleidoscopes and repeating images was obvious to us. The Belleville stage, with its fan-shaped rosette décor and vivid colours, was also a strong source of inspiration and confirmed the direction we had chosen”, adds De la Cruz. “The aim was also to create a universe that evokes all the times of day at the Festival, from getting up at the campsite to the live performances, the communion, the humour and the music. To bring this project to life, they sought to design visuals in which everyone could recognise and project themselves, through the objects and routines that make up Paleo: musical instruments, food, hats, sleeping bags, water, microphones, speakers, camping tents, etc. Elements and objects from photos were diverted or duplicated, alone or assembled with other elements, creating kaleidoscopic or repetitive effects. The result is a project that offers infinite and above all, super playful combinations! 




Playful visuals 

And indeed, the poster and, more broadly, every medium on which the graphic charter will be used, will become… a game! We will leave it to the public to find and recognise the various nods, objects and elements – sometimes reappropriated – that make up the poster and its visual universe! 

Contact details for Princess de La Cruz and Tae-Yun Aum: please contact the Press Office.