FAQ Paléo Tickets


Your tickets and passes will now be delivered on a mobile app – a system that is both simple and secure. 

  • Please note that the purchase process remains exactly the same, on paleo.ch or at your usual points of sale.  
  • Your tickets remain transferable! 
  • All instructions will be sent to you by e-mail, as soon as you have purchased your tickets.
  • A tutorial is integrated in the app! You will be guided step by step through the process when you first use it! 
  • This system is already in use at many Swiss and international sports and cultural events. 

Check it out, it’s straightforward and easy! 

What is Paléo Tickets? 

Paléo Tickets is a mobile ticketing app available on the Apple App Store and Google Play stores. Its aim is to secure your tickets and make them digital. It allows you to store tickets purchased via the official ticketing service on paleo.ch

A digital Paléo ticket is a totally secure ticket that you receive on your Android or iOS smartphone thanks to the Paléo Tickets mobile app. 

Thanks to Paléo Tickets, ticket security is improved and the opportunity for fraud is reduced. All tickets in your Paleo Tickets app are unique and valid. They remain transferable to other people.

How do I receive my digital Paleo tickets? 

It’s super easy!  

Once you’ve purchased your ticket on paleo.ch, you will receive a link by e-mail to download the Paléo Tickets mobile app. You can download it from the App Store if you have an iPhone or from Google Play if your smartphone runs on Android.  

Once you have downloaded the Paléo Tickets app, you’ll need to create an account on the app in order to retrieve your tickets purchased on paleo.ch. Please make sure to use the same email address as when you purchased your tickets.  

Once you have downloaded the app and created your account, you will automatically find your tickets in the app! A piece of cake! 

  • I can’t register in the application, what should I do? 

    Please ensure that you have correctly entered the required fields below: 

    • Login: use the same email address you used to buy the tickets. Your email is indicated in the emails you receive. 
    • The 6-digit activation code received by email. 
    • Password: it must contain at least 8 characters including at least 1 upper case (e.g. X), 1 lower case (e.g. y) and a number (e.g. 1). Example: PaleoisAwesome1. 
    • Please also ensure that you agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy. 
    • If necessary, use the “Resend activation code” feature to receive a new activation code (only the latest activation code received is valid). 
  • What emails will I receive? 

    After purchasing your digital Paleo tickets, you will receive 3 e-mails: 

    • 1 order confirmation email with a summary of your purchases. 
    • 1 email informing you that your tickets are now available and inviting you to download the app with all the instructions. 
    • After registering in the app, 1 email informing you about the activation code. 

    When you send a digital Paleo ticket to someone who doesn’t have the Paleo Tickets app, the person will only receive the last 2 emails mentioned above. 

  • Why don’t my tickets appear in the Paléo Tickets app? 

    Please check that you have entered your email address correctly. To get your tickets, you have to use the same email address that you used to purchase the tickets. If you need to log in with a different email address, log out of the app and log in again with the correct email address. 

    Your tickets will be available in the Paleo Tickets app a few minutes/hours after purchase. Refresh the ticket list to see the last update. 

    If your tickets were sent to you by another Paleo Tickets user, the person may have cancelled the sending. In this case you should check with the person who sent you the tickets. 

    Make sure that in your confirmation e-mail, it’s mentioned that the tickets are available. In some cases, tickets may not be delivered immediately after purchase! 

  • I can’t see a barcode or QR code on my digital Paleo ticket. Is this normal? 

    Yes, it’s perfectly normal!  

    Your barcode is securely stored and you won’t see it when you receive the ticket.  

    The barcode will be displayed when your ticket is activated, usually a few minutes or hours before the doors open on the day of the event. The barcode can also be displayed when you enter the Festival using Bluetooth technology. Activate Bluetooth on your phone and walk up to the Festival entrance and the barcode will appear. 

  • I don’t have a smartphone, what should I do? 

    If you don’t have a smartphone, you can ask someone you know to download the Paleo Tickets app for you on their own smartphone. All you have to do is connect to their phone with your e-mail address.  

    You don’t have friends or a relative with a smartphone? Please contact tickets@paleo.ch.

How can I forward tickets to friends or relatives? 

  • Can I forward a digital Paleo ticket to friends or relatives? 

    Sure you can! 

    You can send your digital Paleo tickets to your friends and family in total security thanks to the app’s forwarding feature. This is the 3 little dots at the bottom right of your ticket.  

    You can send a ticket even if the person hasn’t downloaded the application yet! 

  • How will the person know that I have sent them digital tickets? 

    If you send a ticket to someone who doesn’t have a Paleo Tickets account, they’ll receive an email inviting them to download the Paleo Tickets app and create an account.  

    If they already have a Paleo Tickets account, they’ll receive a notification, and the ticket will appear in their app. 

  • Can I cancel the sending of a digital Paleo ticket? 

    Yes, you can cancel the transfer of a digital Paleo ticket before it reaches the recipient. Note that a person will receive the ticket when he/she logs in and opens the Paleo Tickets app. 

    If you accidentally send the ticket to the wrong email address, you can cancel and resend the ticket to the correct email address.

    Be careful though! Once the transfer is through, it’s no longer possible to cancel it. 

  • How do I resell my tickets?

    As a reminder, the resale of tickets is forbidden. Only tickets bought in an official points of sale (paleo.ch, Paléo Shop, ticketcorner.ch) are valid. If you can no longer attend the Festival, you can either pass it on to a friend or offer it for resale on the official Paléo resale plateform. This platform is active from the spring before each Festival. The exact dates will be published on the official website www.paleo.ch. Please note that the resale of your ticket(s) cannot be guaranteed.

  • What data do you collect and for what purpose?

    You'll be asked for your first name, last name, address and e-mail address. This data is stored securely and will only be used for your identification in the app. Your data will never be passed on to third party companies. Location and Bluetooth services are not mandatory. However, we recommend that you authorise them on arrival at the Festival to faciliate access to the event.

  • Will I receive notifications? 

    As with any app, you can decide whether or not to accept notifications. Please note that Paleo will only send you notifications related to your ticket/evening at the Festival. 

How do I enter the Festival? 


  • How do I enter the Festival with digital Paléo tickets? 


    Simply open the Paléo Tickets app on your mobile device and present your ticket with the barcode to enter the Festival.  

    The barcode will usually be displayed a few minutes or hours before the doors open. You won’t see a barcode until the activation time. 

    The barcode can also be displayed when you enter the Festival using Bluetooth technology. Activate Bluetooth on your phone and walk up to the Festival entrance and the barcode will be displayed. 

  • Can I use a screenshot of my digital ticket? 

    Sorry, no. Screenshots of tickets won’t be accepted, but more importantly, they won’t work. Tickets must be presented in the Paleo Tickets app.  

    Copies of barcodes presented through third-party apps, screenshots or printouts won’t be accepted. 

  • What should I do if the battery of my mobile device is empty? 

    Make sure you arrive at the venue with a charged battery. You won’t be able to show your tickets if it’s empty. 

    In case of emergency, a reception service will be available at the Festival entrance. 

    You can also log in with your login details on another phone to retrieve your ticket and possibly transfer it to a friend’s account. In this way, you can retrieve your ticket and your friend’s tickets from the same phone and account. 

  • Can I use the Paléo Tickets app for other events? 

    No, the Paléo Tickets app is only used to store tickets for Paléo Festival Nyon. 

    The Paleo Tickets app doesn’t yet serve as a ticket purchasing app, but only as secure storage for tickets purchased on paleo.ch.