Get your 2022 tickets ready for the Festival!

Important - Before you arrive at the Festival, make sure you have retrieved/downloaded your 2022 tickets! 

  • All tickets and passes purchased on or at Ticketcorner must be downloaded on the "Paléo Tickets" mobile application in order to be valid!  
  • Did you buy your 6-day pass in 2019?  
    Passes purchased in 2019 (paper or pdf) dated 2020 or 2021 are no longer valid as such. An update of the tickets is necessary before the Festival. Simply download your tickets in digital format on the mobile application "Paléo Tickets". 

  • Are you in possession of a 2022 ticket in paper/pdf format? 
    Exceptionally, the digitalisation process is not required in this case. Indeed, some tickets outside the public ticketing system cannot be digitalised and exist only in paper/pdf format. 

How to download your tickets on the Paléo Tickets app 


How to download your ticket:  

  • Download the "Paléo Tickets" app on your smartphone (the link only works on mobile phones). The app is available on the App Store and the Google Play Store. 

  • Create a new account on the app using the email address with which you bought your tickets, or to which you were sent a ticket.  

  • Wait 5 minutes and all of your tickets will appear in the app. YEAH! 

  • Remember to bring your phone fully-charged to the Festival. 

I now have tickets in my app, what do I do? 

Option 1 - Keep the tickets on your phone 

  1. Wait for the Festival. The ticket barcode will appear on its own, the day before the event. 

  1. On the day of the Festival, present the tickets on your phone directly at the Festival entrance. 

  1. You can present multiple tickets on your phone if you are coming with a group. 


Option 2 - Send tickets to someone >>> The recipient will receive the tickets on his or her phone 

  1. Start by downloading the tickets following the procedure above. 

  1. At the bottom right of each ticket are three small dots. Click on the three dots and select "send." Then, enter the recipient's email address. 

  1. The recipient will receive an e-mail inviting him or her to download the app to their smartphone.  

  1. As explained above, the person will need to create an account with their email address to collect the ticket(s). 

  1. Once registered on the app, they will find the tickets (5 minutes loading time). 

You'll see, it's simple and easy! 

More info and FAQ here