New in Paléooooooo ! 

Paléo is much more than just music! ↓ 

Véga, a new stage!

Discover the brilliance of Véga, the Festival's new stage! From rock to pop, from hip-hop to chanson, from classical to reggae, through electro, multiple sounds take flight on Véga!

Ready for Belleville? 

Deep-house, electro-pop, hardtek reggae-dub, techno, afro-house : all tracks lead to Belleville, the new venue dedicated to electronic music of all kinds. 

The Quartier Libre, it's free! 

The Pl'Asse gives way to the Quartier Libre! This free-access space located between the Festival and the Campsite proposes a plentiful offer of food and craft stands, and themed bars! 

Destination West Africa! 

Concerts, handicrafts or food, the World Village will be guided by the will to honor the richness of West Africa. 

It's so unusual! 

At La Ruche, circus and poetic street theatre are on display for younger and older generations alike. 


(Dis) Connected! 

(Dis)Connected: a scenography of spectacular honeycomb structures made of woven fabrics on the theme of connection, disconnection, reconnection, created by students from different fields of study at the HES-SO. 

Let's innovate!

Bye bye cash! 

Payments will only be made by card or app at all Festival outlets.

A project supported by the BCV. 

100% digital tickets on our app!

Tickets and subscriptions are now delivered on the mobile application "Paléo Tickets". A system based on a blockchain, both easy to use and secure. The tickets remain of course transferable! 

Less waste with washable dishes! 

Paleo is setting up a system of washable and returnable dishes. Let's reduce together the volume of waste and single-use, for an even more welcoming and sustainable Festival. 

Looking for a place to stay?

A room, a bit of land, a whole apartment or a night in a hotel, find your happiness on the new web platform of search and provision of accommodation. 

A timeless sphere 

A 360° sound and visual immersion in the Sphère Mobilière, a surprising bubble suspended in time. The perfect way to spend a moment away from the frenzy of the Festival. For a moment of contemplation, sometimes soothing, sometimes intense. 

A fabulous luminous garden 

A monumental luminous centerpiece and its garden of sparkling plants welcome you on the Place de l'Envol. Discover these inventive structures that adorn this place of meeting, relaxation and escape.
With the support of Migros. 

So... Ready ? :)